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What’s your lifestyle

Worship is not something we simply do at the beginning of a church service, it is a lifestyle. When we as believers come to the understanding that we serve a God who is a everything we need him to be, then we can start acknowledging God on a daily basis. You and I are living off of the promises of God whether we realize it or not. God deserves our daily love… our daily adoration… our daily compassion… not just our problems. I challenge you today, to acknowledge God thank him for today, your job, your friend, the ability to read, your health, your children, your right mind… I can go on and on! There is so much to praise God for don’t forget to thank him today.

Close your mouth and open your eyes :-)

I am so thankful to be in school right now. I’m in Sonship School of the First born, and it is literally changing my husband and I’s life. The first lesson breaks down the power of prayer and how you and I should say what God says. What does that mean? Instead of saying what ever comes to your mind when you pray, go into the word of God and find what God thinks about your prayer topic. True intimacy pushes you to find out more about the person your in a relationship with. Its time we find out what God sounds like vs. what we sound like when we speak aloud. Want to know more… check out www.intimacychurch.org


True friendship

In a time where you can add friends anywhere… social media, blogs, chat rooms etc …I am thankful for my best friend meaning God. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. I’ll let you in on a little secret, when I allow God to hold the pressure of always listening to me, helping me and loving me when I don’t deserve it, providing for me when I’ve let myself down… He always shows up and proves to be my very best friend. This simple truth allows me to be a better wife, sister, daughter, and friend to those around me because I hold realistic expectations for our relationship. I don’t pressure the ones I love to be the impossible to me, God! I love the people around me for who they are because my fulfillment comes from God first and not man; its not your mans, woman’s ,coworkers, or besties job to fix your problems, and be to you what you cant be to yourself. Take the weights off of your circle and allow God to be who He is.

Peace #intimacychurch
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