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Work for it!

The statement “you don’t get something for nothing” is beyond true, it’s a winner’s mentality. The bible uses the analogy of a farmer planting a seed then reaping a harvest. When you look at your life, if it’s not what you want it to be, evaluate the seeds being planted. If you want to be an entrepreneur, are you taking small steps towards owning your business? If you would like to be a writer have you enrolled in a class to learn how to effectively convey your message?

No matter what it is that you want in life, it will require of you. Make a plan for your future, then intentionally run towards it. I guarantee there will be struggle, but after enduring you will march into a world where your life become your wildest dream.


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Feel it!

The enemy is so annoying! He waits until you’re already tired, stressed out, and staying composed then he hits you with his best shot. A smart mouthed clerk, an unexpected bill, a relationship breaks up, a flat tire, anything to corrode your strength into fury. But, before you reach out your arms to put them around someone’s neck I encourage you to find a black hole.

Black hole? Yes… a person, place, or thing you can dump into, then walk away unburdened. For me my black hole is my “village” I have an amazing group of people in my life that I can completely fall apart in front of then straighten up and walk both stronger and greater than I ever did before. Your black hole may be a car to sit in and scream, a journal you can write anything into, or a park you go to and wonder around. No matter what it is, you have to find a way to feel it and move on! The key to succeeding in life is having an outlet, felling every emotion and learning how to send them down the appropriate path. Evaluate your friends and space, and find a black whole. So that when an enemy comes against you, you lock in… the come out fighting.

What do you Eat?

Many times when you have an ailment in your body and you can’t explain how it came to be, a doctor asks you to make a list of the things you eat. The concept is that you are putting something into your body that is harming you because there is no sign of destruction from the inside. A list allows the doctor to see your habits, and what you have been feeding your body, so that he can then pinpoint what is going wrong.

Today, if something is ailing you in your life, I ask… what are you eating? If you made a list of all the conversations, television, radio, friendship, and relationships you have subjected yourself to, could you put your finger on what’s hurting you the most?  Sometimes we think God is doing something to us or life has an agenda against us when that’s not true! Some of the issues we face is because we allow it into our life. We have to be careful what we eat ladies and gentlemen. God has made us in such a beautifully courageous way, but it is our responsibility to aid this flesh with the best nutrients possible. What is the best? Prayer time, positive television, uplifting friends, relationships that push you and don’t pull you down. You are in control of what occupies you mind and your heart, so it may be time to get on a spiritual diet. Take back the control and cut out whats hurting you.

Let’s throw out the toxins today! Peace

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Can you see Freedom?

How is it that people can have seemingly everything and still be unhappy? Simple, they are not free. Freedom comes by tapping into the key of living a fulfilled life. How is that possible… one of the keys to a fulfilled life is being positive. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay positive. Negativity will not only make you sick, but kill you. The bible says the joy of the Lord is your strength. If you can master acknowledging pain, mistake or error, then move on from it without that pain dragging you down, then my friend you have won. Life is short and we have a responsibly to do our best in every single moment. Don’t cheat yourself out of the true experience of life, smile, laugh, change what can be changed but then move on. Your worth it.

Quality Sleep

A little tip I learned while working with a psychologist was to make a to do list at the end of the day so that I could enjoy a more serene slumber. How…Write down all the things you would like to accomplish, so that when you put head to pillow your thoughts will not be jam-packed with tasks.

What makes this tip effective? To-do lists presents a level of accomplishment, every time you think of what needs to be done the next day, tell yourself that you already addressed it in the to do list, then move on. We have enough baggage during the day, you deserve to have a peaceful sleep. It’s time we take a strong hold on our time. The bible tells us to cast our cares upon a God who doesn’t sleep or slumber. We accomplish nothing by allowing issues and tasks run rapid in our thoughts day and night. Write them down and put them away so that you can truly appreciate sweet dreams.

The truth in Destiny…

The question the world inquires is: how can I sit at the table of fulfillment and destiny? In order to accurately answer this question, we fist have to establish a truth. The error in finding destiny is that most of us are looking for the wrong thing. We aspire to gain, when life’s fulfillment comes when you learn to give. What do you have to give this generation, your community, your home? That is your purpose, that is your gift.

One lie the devil sells is that your goal, dreams, and aspirations will make you happy…will bring value to life, or will fix all of your problems. But the truth is that in achieving a goal or dream, you and I open a new door of opportunity, vision, and work. You stop working for the dream and begin working in the dream. Life will not become a vacation; it will set you on a destination that changes the world around you; and that my friend is an entirely new level of work. A work that starts on the inside and branches out onto the nations.

Become free, stop looking for the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow and find out how to create a rainbow of your own; Filled with colors, dimensions, and gold that people rarely see and spend their whole life running after. Prodigious freedom is seeing past the darkness of where you are to run toward the source of true light. Peace

Let it go!

When I was younger I would listen to Mariah Carey “Butterfly” over and over again. Being a teen you have no idea the depth of the words you are singing,  but as a adult you realize that this “butterfly” effect is something we experience time and time again in many facets of our relationships.

The butterfly effect is an idea that you let someone or something go , and if its meant to be it will come back to you. When you accept the notation of letting people be themselves, and let God be God, you in turn free yourself from the desire to “perfect” a relationship. To free ourselves from a person, job, relationship, or habit it means that we no longer look for the day or time a person would do what you want them to do, or say what you want them to say. By letting a person or situation go from your grips we often mask with titles such as love, friendship, or helping… we mature to a place where love and respect flourishes then you intern are free from the bondage of a toxic relationship.

So often we hold on to the very thing God is trying to rescue us from. Stop fighting and allow the caterpillar to become a butterfly in their season and their time. Spread your wings butterfly and if the job, person, relationship, or thing you are holding on to so tightly is meant to be in your life… it will be. Today free yourself, and free that relationship. Peace

Do you know that you’re blessed?

So many times the devil can camouflage the blessings we have received in our life. We spend so much time looking ahead of us, and behind us that we never realize we are in a better spot today that we were before. Today is the perfect day to close your eyes to what isn’t, haven’t, or won’t… and thank God for what is. Your alive, you’re capable, your stronger, you’re better, you’re here!


The power of Affirmation

One of the most effective parts of my husband and I’s relationship is when we wake up every morning and proclaim Gods promises in our life. Instead of waking up and saying I’m still sleepy, tired, or express how much we are not looking forward to work. We instead came together and made a family affirmation for not only ourselves but our kids as well. Feel free to use this. Peace

 Today is going to be a great day. We serve the one and only true God who is victorious in all things great and small. Through Him, by Him and in Him we have the victory today of sin, sickness, death, poverty, and all of His schemes…. Then we pray.

God’s love is not complicated. Come together with someone you love and make an affirmation, I guarantee it will change the course of your day which in turn will change the pace of your life.



Day 3 Healing

This month, not only myself but my brothers and sisters in Christ have been going through health wise. We know it’s an attach of the devil but you must also know how to stand on God’s word concerning your healing!

God never intended for us to be a broken, unhealthy people who are trapped by our pain and broken by our anguish. Because you see, when we feel sick or broken we tend to put self first. It’s easier to curl up and give up. But today say NOT SO DEVIL! Read this prayer, talk to God, and receive your healing. Peace


Physical Healing Prayer

Physical Healing Prayer 
Heavenly Father, I come to you now in the Name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. [(If two or more are gathered in His Name, add this to the prayer) Heavenly Father, we come to You now in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we come to You in one accord, according to Matthew 18 in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, it says in Matthew 18, when two or more are gathered together in Your Name that You will be in our midst. And whatever will be done for us on earth, will also be done as it is in Heaven.] Heavenly Father, I come and I lift up _____ to You today. In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask you to heal them of any sickness or disease of any kind in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, I ask You now in the Name of Jesus Christ to release Your healing virtue, Your miracle virtue into ____’s body in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Your healing anointing, Your miracle anointing into ____’s body, from the top of her/his head to the soles of her/his feet in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, we ask You to make ____whole again. Heavenly Father, I ask You to put a hedge of protection around _____ in the Name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over _____ from the top of her/his head, to the soles of her/his feet. Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask You to fill her/him with Your Holy Spirit; with all the fruits of Your Holy Spirit; Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your patience, Your kindness, Your gentleness, Your faithfulness, and Your self control, in the Name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I thank You that You sent Your son, Jesus Christ, to the cross for us to take all our sicknesses and diseases to the cross with Him. Heavenly Father, I thank You that according to Isaiah 53:4-5 that by the stripes Jesus took on the cross that we are healed and made whole. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I declare that we are healed according to Isaiah 53:4-5, by the stripes of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.