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At peace with yourself

A Christians we can put so much effort into forgiving all of the people who have done wrong by us, only to reject our own imperfections. While it’s important to acknowledge and repent for things we do that are not of God, it is also equally crucial that we then forgive ourselves just as our Heavenly Father does to us.

This year take yourself off of the hook, we are all imperfect in some way, see fault then forgive the fault. The bible says in Matthew 11:28-” come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.” The bible doesn’t say come to me all who is weary and burdened then take the burden back and hold on to it until your sick, stressed out, and depressed! God is love and he wants you to be free to love not only people around you but YOURSELF!!! Take a moment today to forgive yourself, you’re worth the love you try so hard to show to others.


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The truth about #problems

Problems are not STOP signs, they are guidelines. When we encounter a trial or struggle, we are actually faced with an opportunity.  An opportunity to grow, seek God, be silent, speak up… grow up.  The next time something trivial happens in life, ask God to show you the glory in it.

I know this sounds crazy or like I’m trying to be deep, but I’m serious.  Ask God in your next problem “what is is that you would like me to learn?” Then as you build that muscle of trust between you and God, you will see a problem coming a mile away and saY “Ok God lead me to the solution where I will be stronger and wiser in the end!”

Change your mind… Change your LIFE!

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God is able

No matter what you have at the end of the sentence… God is able…. period.

I’m a _____ Thief, liar, murder, fornicator, gossiper, not smart enough, not dedicated, depressed, bi- polar, sickly, homeless, on my last dollar, in need of car, worried about my child, cheating on my spouse, alone in a new city, single, an addict , fatherless, motherless, an addict, a porn star, a prostitute, drug dealer, in church but don’t know God, don’t know my purpose, don’t know  who I am …..

I don’t care what it is God is able to see you through it, but you have to welcome him into your life!

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What do you Eat?

Many times when you have an ailment in your body and you can’t explain how it came to be, a doctor asks you to make a list of the things you eat. The concept is that you are putting something into your body that is harming you because there is no sign of destruction from the inside. A list allows the doctor to see your habits, and what you have been feeding your body, so that he can then pinpoint what is going wrong.

Today, if something is ailing you in your life, I ask… what are you eating? If you made a list of all the conversations, television, radio, friendship, and relationships you have subjected yourself to, could you put your finger on what’s hurting you the most?  Sometimes we think God is doing something to us or life has an agenda against us when that’s not true! Some of the issues we face is because we allow it into our life. We have to be careful what we eat ladies and gentlemen. God has made us in such a beautifully courageous way, but it is our responsibility to aid this flesh with the best nutrients possible. What is the best? Prayer time, positive television, uplifting friends, relationships that push you and don’t pull you down. You are in control of what occupies you mind and your heart, so it may be time to get on a spiritual diet. Take back the control and cut out whats hurting you.

Let’s throw out the toxins today! Peace

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Quality Sleep

A little tip I learned while working with a psychologist was to make a to do list at the end of the day so that I could enjoy a more serene slumber. How…Write down all the things you would like to accomplish, so that when you put head to pillow your thoughts will not be jam-packed with tasks.

What makes this tip effective? To-do lists presents a level of accomplishment, every time you think of what needs to be done the next day, tell yourself that you already addressed it in the to do list, then move on. We have enough baggage during the day, you deserve to have a peaceful sleep. It’s time we take a strong hold on our time. The bible tells us to cast our cares upon a God who doesn’t sleep or slumber. We accomplish nothing by allowing issues and tasks run rapid in our thoughts day and night. Write them down and put them away so that you can truly appreciate sweet dreams.

Day 3 Healing

This month, not only myself but my brothers and sisters in Christ have been going through health wise. We know it’s an attach of the devil but you must also know how to stand on God’s word concerning your healing!

God never intended for us to be a broken, unhealthy people who are trapped by our pain and broken by our anguish. Because you see, when we feel sick or broken we tend to put self first. It’s easier to curl up and give up. But today say NOT SO DEVIL! Read this prayer, talk to God, and receive your healing. Peace


Physical Healing Prayer

Physical Healing Prayer 
Heavenly Father, I come to you now in the Name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. [(If two or more are gathered in His Name, add this to the prayer) Heavenly Father, we come to You now in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and we come to You in one accord, according to Matthew 18 in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, it says in Matthew 18, when two or more are gathered together in Your Name that You will be in our midst. And whatever will be done for us on earth, will also be done as it is in Heaven.] Heavenly Father, I come and I lift up _____ to You today. In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask you to heal them of any sickness or disease of any kind in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, I ask You now in the Name of Jesus Christ to release Your healing virtue, Your miracle virtue into ____’s body in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Your healing anointing, Your miracle anointing into ____’s body, from the top of her/his head to the soles of her/his feet in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father, we ask You to make ____whole again. Heavenly Father, I ask You to put a hedge of protection around _____ in the Name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over _____ from the top of her/his head, to the soles of her/his feet. Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask You to fill her/him with Your Holy Spirit; with all the fruits of Your Holy Spirit; Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your patience, Your kindness, Your gentleness, Your faithfulness, and Your self control, in the Name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I thank You that You sent Your son, Jesus Christ, to the cross for us to take all our sicknesses and diseases to the cross with Him. Heavenly Father, I thank You that according to Isaiah 53:4-5 that by the stripes Jesus took on the cross that we are healed and made whole. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I declare that we are healed according to Isaiah 53:4-5, by the stripes of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

Do you TRUST God?

c771783be6498a5be767f2867e363c79What happens when we stop looking for God to lead us to what we need and realize that God is all that we need?  Imagine putting all the energy we use to find “ourselves” into finding our creator; what then would we look like? What would we stress about, what would we fight against? If you want to be a great lover why not go to God who is love, if you want to be a better friend why not mirror the only friend who would die for you Jesus Christ, if you want to be creative why not become buddies with the creator of the universe.  The answer to your joy, peace, promotion, demise, it’s all in God. So, why do we stay so far away from the key to it all? Because we don’t know any better and life lies to us. Life tells us not to put all of our eggs in one basket but that is man’s rule, not Gods. I have finally come to a place in life where if it’s not God I don’t want it. He is the egg, the basket, the hand that puts into it and the hand that takes out of it. So now I pose a very honest question, do you really believe in the God you say you believe in? If not what’s holding you back? Find it, and ask God to conquer that fear, hesitation, and mistrust because the truth is life is despicable without God. Peace




I want to scream!

How do I function when all hell is breaking loose in my life???? The only way you can release the power of God in your life is to get to know God. The point of prayer and praise is to invoke intimacy between you and God. Without God, you have no line of defense. The next time you feel alone like it’s you against the world, look around and see if you are truly the only one on your team. Have you invited God into your thought, actions, care or time? God is not going to be somewhere He is not welcome. If hell is breaking loose in your life ask God to join you in hell! Give Him the time, energy, and consideration He deserves and watch your life change for the better.





can you see?

What does the authentic you look like? When you close your eyes who do you see in the mirror. Life is a constant jungle gym and requires moments of reflection. Don’t give life the opportunity to shadow your character, dreams, or aspirations. Who you are meant to be wants to beam through any job, problem, or situation. Struggle makes it harder to see the correct choice or road to take at times, but if you stay the course you will eventually see the path you should be traveling. Failure is often seen as the end but it is actually a wonderful indication that in spite of life’s effort, you are pressing forward. Continue to move, continue to dream, continue to close your eyes and see the real you. Peace.

I’m falling apart

The transitions of life can sometimes make us feel as if life is a broken bread crumb, falling apart with every indulgence.In life seasons, time may tornado one situation after the next into ones hands, but that’s when we need to delve into inspection mode. Confusion and frustration should inspire inspection, determine if there are too many elements floating around your world; incautiously causing focus to change from the heart of God to getting “things” done. Frustration will happen in life, but we must remember how to get back to the basics. Get quiet time with God, meditation, where you do nothing other than focus on the heartbeat of our creator. When you take time with God, He then will show you light through your confusion; and the pieces of your world will come back together as they were intended to be.  Peace.