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Quality Sleep

A little tip I learned while working with a psychologist was to make a to do list at the end of the day so that I could enjoy a more serene slumber. How…Write down all the things you would like to accomplish, so that when you put head to pillow your thoughts will not be jam-packed with tasks.

What makes this tip effective? To-do lists presents a level of accomplishment, every time you think of what needs to be done the next day, tell yourself that you already addressed it in the to do list, then move on. We have enough baggage during the day, you deserve to have a peaceful sleep. It’s time we take a strong hold on our time. The bible tells us to cast our cares upon a God who doesn’t sleep or slumber. We accomplish nothing by allowing issues and tasks run rapid in our thoughts day and night. Write them down and put them away so that you can truly appreciate sweet dreams.

The truth in Destiny…

The question the world inquires is: how can I sit at the table of fulfillment and destiny? In order to accurately answer this question, we fist have to establish a truth. The error in finding destiny is that most of us are looking for the wrong thing. We aspire to gain, when life’s fulfillment comes when you learn to give. What do you have to give this generation, your community, your home? That is your purpose, that is your gift.

One lie the devil sells is that your goal, dreams, and aspirations will make you happy…will bring value to life, or will fix all of your problems. But the truth is that in achieving a goal or dream, you and I open a new door of opportunity, vision, and work. You stop working for the dream and begin working in the dream. Life will not become a vacation; it will set you on a destination that changes the world around you; and that my friend is an entirely new level of work. A work that starts on the inside and branches out onto the nations.

Become free, stop looking for the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow and find out how to create a rainbow of your own; Filled with colors, dimensions, and gold that people rarely see and spend their whole life running after. Prodigious freedom is seeing past the darkness of where you are to run toward the source of true light. Peace

Let it go!

When I was younger I would listen to Mariah Carey “Butterfly” over and over again. Being a teen you have no idea the depth of the words you are singing,  but as a adult you realize that this “butterfly” effect is something we experience time and time again in many facets of our relationships.

The butterfly effect is an idea that you let someone or something go , and if its meant to be it will come back to you. When you accept the notation of letting people be themselves, and let God be God, you in turn free yourself from the desire to “perfect” a relationship. To free ourselves from a person, job, relationship, or habit it means that we no longer look for the day or time a person would do what you want them to do, or say what you want them to say. By letting a person or situation go from your grips we often mask with titles such as love, friendship, or helping… we mature to a place where love and respect flourishes then you intern are free from the bondage of a toxic relationship.

So often we hold on to the very thing God is trying to rescue us from. Stop fighting and allow the caterpillar to become a butterfly in their season and their time. Spread your wings butterfly and if the job, person, relationship, or thing you are holding on to so tightly is meant to be in your life… it will be. Today free yourself, and free that relationship. Peace


This Sunday at Intimacy Worship Church we heard a message about “CHANGE” how to effectively do it and how to make it stick. So many times we aspire to do better, have better, live better… but our life or circumstances cloud our desire to move from one place to the next.

When we are faced with opposition, one thing our Pastor mentioned was having a dream board. Something physical in our face to remind us of who we want to be and what we’d like to achieve. The bible says to write your vision out, why, so that we can remind ourselves that God has more for us!

Let’s be honest, life can become cluttered with things to do, people to appease, and bills to pay. When we take a moment to remember all that God has done and will do in our lives we open the door to opportunity. From opportunity we open the door to ambition, from ambition we reach our destination called accomplishment.

Today’s challenge is to find something in every area of your life that you aspire to. Write it out, take a picture of it, put it in your face, and watch your entire world change for the better!

Psalms 35 prayer

I am so thankful to God for being my first line of defence. Some times in life we spend our energy and time fighting our pasts, thoughts, people, and much more, but Good wants you to know today the battle is not yours! We have protection, shelter, and comfort in our Heavenly Father. Put your gloves down and pick your faith up, Enjoy this prayer from psalms. Peace

Psalms 35 Prayer

Psalm 35 Prayer 
Heavenly Father, I come to You now in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I ask that You will plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive against me . I ask You to fight against them that fight against me. Lord, I have faith that You take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for me and to say unto my soul, “I am your salvation”. I have faith Lord that you will protect me from those that seek after my soul: let those be turned back that devises my hurt. I know Lord that the Angel of the LORD will protect me. I know Lord that my soul will be joyful in You and I will forever rejoice in my salvation. To God be the Glory, Amen!

Day 2 Authority

The world would lead us to believe that life will just “happen” and we have no control over it, but that’s not true! God gives us the power to speak HIS word over a situation and effect change. Today, don’t stand by and allow the devil to have its way… You have the tools to go to war. When opposition, pain, disappointment, or grief comes in; tell the devil not today and say this prayer.

Here is a prayer of Authority

Prayer to Claim Authority Over the Enemy

Pray and Claim Authority Over the Enemy
Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I command you (Luke 10:19, Mark 16:17) devil and all evil spirits in the sound of my voice to loose me and leave my presence. By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony (Rev.12:11) I overcome you devil and evil spirits, in the Name of Jesus Christ Who died on the cross for my sins and the sins of this world. I am a Blood bought child of God (Col 1:14) and satan, you are trespassing, you have no right to come near me, my land, animals, or property, including the atmosphere about me. I plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth as a thick hedge of protection against all evil spirits , as a wedge between us that you cannot penetrate. I speak the Blood against you satan, in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name. It is written in God’s Word that no weapon formed against me can prosper, I stand on the Word of God, He is my Shield and my Buckler (Psalms 35:2). He says in Deuteronomy 33:27 that He thrusts out the enemy and says to me “destroy” them! Lord Jesus Christ I ask You according to John 14:13-14, to “destroy the enemy”. Satan, you are a defeated foe! You have been defeated and by the authority and power given to me in Luke 10:18-20, I command you to leave (Mark 16:17), I loose you to the Abyss, the dry waste place, with all your minions in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lord Jesus Christ I ask according to John 14:13-14 to destroy all the dark destruction that came with the enemy, cleanse me in Your precious Blood, heal me, restore me, and seal me up in Your Glory. I ask You to shut all demonic doors that need to be shut and seal them so the evil spirits can never come through them again. Lord Jesus, I ask You to loose Your angels over me and this place to protect me, the animals, and this land from the enemy from coming back here. Amen.

Do you TRUST God?

c771783be6498a5be767f2867e363c79What happens when we stop looking for God to lead us to what we need and realize that God is all that we need?  Imagine putting all the energy we use to find “ourselves” into finding our creator; what then would we look like? What would we stress about, what would we fight against? If you want to be a great lover why not go to God who is love, if you want to be a better friend why not mirror the only friend who would die for you Jesus Christ, if you want to be creative why not become buddies with the creator of the universe.  The answer to your joy, peace, promotion, demise, it’s all in God. So, why do we stay so far away from the key to it all? Because we don’t know any better and life lies to us. Life tells us not to put all of our eggs in one basket but that is man’s rule, not Gods. I have finally come to a place in life where if it’s not God I don’t want it. He is the egg, the basket, the hand that puts into it and the hand that takes out of it. So now I pose a very honest question, do you really believe in the God you say you believe in? If not what’s holding you back? Find it, and ask God to conquer that fear, hesitation, and mistrust because the truth is life is despicable without God. Peace




I want to scream!

How do I function when all hell is breaking loose in my life???? The only way you can release the power of God in your life is to get to know God. The point of prayer and praise is to invoke intimacy between you and God. Without God, you have no line of defense. The next time you feel alone like it’s you against the world, look around and see if you are truly the only one on your team. Have you invited God into your thought, actions, care or time? God is not going to be somewhere He is not welcome. If hell is breaking loose in your life ask God to join you in hell! Give Him the time, energy, and consideration He deserves and watch your life change for the better.





can you see?

What does the authentic you look like? When you close your eyes who do you see in the mirror. Life is a constant jungle gym and requires moments of reflection. Don’t give life the opportunity to shadow your character, dreams, or aspirations. Who you are meant to be wants to beam through any job, problem, or situation. Struggle makes it harder to see the correct choice or road to take at times, but if you stay the course you will eventually see the path you should be traveling. Failure is often seen as the end but it is actually a wonderful indication that in spite of life’s effort, you are pressing forward. Continue to move, continue to dream, continue to close your eyes and see the real you. Peace.

The power in transition

Psalms 91:2 says “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God in Him will I trust.” The end of the scripture catches my attention the most, my God in Him will I trust. The end of verse 2 acknowledges that I will be in a situation in which I must choose whom I give my trust to. We are not in heaven yet, so we will go through both trials and transition. During transition we have a choice to make, will we lean on a relationship, education, or outside sources…or will we choose to put our trust in God? What we do in the course of transition will determine the trajectory of our future. If we make a habit of trusting God, transition would no longer be our downfall but our platform to greatness. Kill anxiety and frustration with faith and trust in God! Peace

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