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What do you want…

One of the most incredible gifts God has given us is possiblity. But with that gift, the question must be asked… What is it that you want? Is your heart’s intention to love God, get married, be rich… What matters to you most?

When you learn to answer that question honestly, free from public impression, judgement, or condemnation then you can begin revealing the truest expression of yourself. SELAH

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Today is the day that we not only see potential but be potential. One beautiful thing you can do to propel yourself out of an unproductive funk is to find an accountability partner. Someone you share your goals with, a person who loves you enough to challenge you when you’re not accomplishing your goals. We all need checks and balances in our life, so come from behind your dreams and find someone to help you meet your own expectations.

Having a list to accomplish is good, but having someone hold you accountable to that list is GREAT. Be great today and put your goals on #lockdown.

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