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I know its dark

Just because you can’t see in front of you doesn’t mean that God can’t. What God has for you no man, woman, job,  finances, can take from you. The word of God says “greater is He that’s in you than that’s in the world.” Don’t give in when you can’t see God, and you think the world is surrounding you. Instead, my friend when darkness is all around you, that is the time to plug into the only light in the situation… which is God.

Selah- speak truth live truth

#SLiM #intimacychurch


Have you ever sat in front of the computer angry, frustrated, with how long it’s taking for your page to come up or program to load? The same thing sometimes happens in our relationship with God! We hear a promise, read a word, get a scripture… then we wait. The circle on our screen called life goes round and round, and we begin to loose our initial zeal for the blessing, growth or spiritual advancement. But God wanted me to tell you today to be patient. Your page will load, and when it does, you will have everything it offers.

But you see God is working on some things. There are codes and images that need to be in place first for the page and program to run correctly! God wants you to be able to scroll, comment, click without future problems, so you have to hang in there. If you exit the page before it loads you’ll miss the information. But if you exercise your temperance, patience, and fortitude, you will learn from the page, find pleasure in the program, and get the work done that God has instilled in you.

Selah- Speak truth, Live truth

#SLiM #intimacychurch