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We have entered and brand new year with new dreams, expectations, and even aspirations. While we are creating passions and goals, I propose to you thought. This year, choose to change your mind. So many of the things God has given to us is held up by a corrupted mindset. If you can control the direction of your thoughts, then you can change the direction of your life.

Why is the mind so important, because our thoughts represent our heart! Our thoughts supersede our actions. For example, many of us for the new year would like to lose weight, if our mindset hasn’t changed about getting healthier than our feet will never make it out of bed. We’ll set the alarm, buy a gym membership, even get the clothes to be stylish in the gym… but if our mind has not been convinced of the benefit of working out, then we simply won’t do it.

Today, as we take the first step toward this year’s goals, don’t forget your mind. Take time and focus on who mentally you want to be and make the rational decision to stick to it. When you feel too tired or discouraged to push forward to your goal, change your mind. Tell yourself that you are a finisher and God has not only given you the victory but the ability to accomplish what you have started.


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All in a day’s work

Dale Carnegie- Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely on what you think.

The Bible says “as a man thinks so is he”

You and I can be confident and full of joy every day, but we must make a choice to do so. With every situation, we have an opportunity to see the love of God in our life or else the kids, medical appointments, work, school, chores, marriage, singlehood, anger, frustration and more will throw us into a sink whole of defeat. How do we choose to be happy?

  1. Take 5 minutes to yourself and be quiet– slow down your thoughts for a moment and try your best not to think about the problem.
  2. Have an outlet– journal, scream in your car, walk around the block…. Whatever it is you must find a way to freely express yourself without the person or issue present
  3. Forgive– forgive yourself for making the mistake, forgive the person for making you mad

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Lets get Intimate #growingup #intimacychurch

Do you know what my favorite scriptures is? Psalms 91- He that dwells in the SECRET place of the most high… Do you have a secret place with God? A place where you can be naked, honest, forthcoming? Is there a time in your day where you can put away all of the masks and parade all of your emotions both good and bad without fear of opinion? Do you have someone to cry to and laugh with? If you don’t, then you are missing out on the best thing that has ever happened. God sent His Son to die for you and me, just so that that we can be intimate with God.  We have an opportunity to vent, express ourselves, be heard, listen, unwind, be refreshed, encouraged, and matured… But the question is, can you be intimate with God? Can we as Christians put away what we have heard about God and been told about God and find out about God for ourselves? Can we trust Him with our real thoughts, joys, and concerns? I challenge you today to get a secret place; maybe it’s a journal, your car, a closet: just pick a place to be ALONE with God. And watch the beauty of his love mature you, please you, and make you a better man or woman on this earth. Peace

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