About the Author #SLiM

Hello world my name is Senaah Railey also known as SLiM the founder of SliM Productions  author of “Normality Makes Me Different,” Co – Pastor of Intimacy Church, and Co- Founder of Raising Little Geniuses

My purpose on this earth is to assist in molding imagination into an instrument of influence. I believe each and every person has something special in them that gives a hand in creating just what this world needs. SLiM Productions encourages imagination and develops creative ideas into innovative landmarks for this generation. SLiM Productions extends a hand into the community, producing the change it wishes to see in this world today.

About “Normality Makes me Different.”

Normality Makes Me Different is a story that catalogs the growth of a Young Christian: In this book, you will go through the process of discovering who you are to God-Finding strength in that identity- and fulfilling Gods will for your Life.

Through mirrored experiences, you will learn who God is to S L I M and in return, who God can be to you. This book came about through a journal Senaah Railey wrote her freshman year in college. Normality Makes Me Different exposes the REAL process of getting where God wants you to be, then propels your faith by encouraging you to take the first step towards the truth of salvation… which is a relationship. Find out more in the book coming soon! 

Excerpt from the book:

“You will be required in your salvation, and its time we learn from our brothers and sisters to succeed in life. Our stories of anguish and passion for love needs telling to those in the trenches. Not all has made it through to safe land, and we cannot afford to spare wisdom as a ransom for blood. It’s time out for normal behavior, all secret agents move aside, I need to see champions and warriors, intercessors and confidants who will stand up for all that God has been in their life.”

-S L I M

For more information and daily doses of inspiration visit
www.goodgirlissues.com e0b535c222666187994d1f51e8cbf70478c0635a_m


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