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The audacity to Win

When God places vision inside of you it takes determination, patients, and a confidence that says ” I don’t care what it looks like…. in the end I know that I win! ” Does this concept sound crazy, yes but it is how God works. Don’t believe me, check out Noah he was told to build an arch when the people of that time didn’t know what rain was. Or how about Abraham who was told he could never count his “seed” or contribution to this earth. Still not convinced, well there is Moses who freed God’s people with only a rod and God’s command. God is continually teaching us through His word that we are Made to break the norms so let’s do It!

Be incredibly blessed, unequivocally reliant, courageously strong, and decide today that you will have the audacity to win!!!

#SLiM speak truth live truth



My purpose on this earth is to mold imagination into a instrument of influence.

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