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We can do it

I don’t need permission to be a dreamer. I know that God has called me to be who I am in this season, on this day, and in this year. I am a person that God has invested his love in, and given a mission to; even if i don’t make it to the mountain I see in my dreams… At least I wasn’t afraid to dream it. I’m inspired today to tell someone, never be afraid of dreaming, planning, and going after your dreams! Life really is short and we each have a responsibility to be world changers. You and I have the power to create, and when that ability is sparked, life blossoms in the most beautiful way. I feel like superwoman, with the power to do, to go higher, jump farther, and run faster to my purpose. Run with me…..




My purpose on this earth is to mold imagination into a instrument of influence.

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